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4 brands turning recycled water bottles into shoes

National Geographic Magazine, June 2018
cover of National Geographic magazine, June 2018

The powerful cover of June 2018 National Geographic makes a strong statement on plastic production and pollution. In an attempt to raise awareness of the amounts of plastics covering the paradise beaches and bellies of the ocean creatures NG magazine is conducting indepth research of the plastic crisis. With series of articles on latest data and initiatives helping reduce the plastic consumption, it's very important read, starting with little adjustments all of us can do to reduce the plastic consumption. But that's just a tip of an iceberg (sic!). Read NG here

Being an aware consumer means making changes in the choice of product. The aware brands have listened and offered well designed products that are conscious of the environment, not producing more waste but rather reducing its amount by reusing and recycling the waste material. Being eco-friendly has never been so trendy!

Here are 4 brands using recycled plastic to make conscious product that is good for the environment, looks great and is comfortable; Because we don't need to compromise:

Deerupt Runner Parley
Deerupt Runner Parley shoes in blue core black/blue spirit, ©


Adidas has partnered up with Parley project for preserving the oceans and cleaning them off plastic. With this Parley Ocean Plastic™ fibre they created garments and many trainer options, including the latest Deerupt Runner in beautiful colours. Shoes that are comfortable and lightweight on your feet and on the environment. Buying these you actually support cleaning the ocean and beautiful beaches of waste plastic. Parley and Adidas are giving the alternative choice in this collaboration to raise awareness and preserve the beauty of the oceans. One million recycled bottle shoes sold so far and counting.

Have a look at the whole collection in collaboration with Parley here

and read more on Parley here


Rothy's flats
The many styles of pointy Rothy's, ©


Made from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles and with a stamp of approval from Vogue, Rothy's bring to life a 3D knitted shoes in an array of colours. Three base shapes with traditional round toe ballerina, pointy flat and new addition of a loafer, they would fit in any wardrobe. The shoe is seamless (no more blisters!), machine washable and with quick dry technology. They look very stylish and with 11 million water bottles repurposed so far there is no excuse to get a pair.

Have a look at the whole collection here



For years Timberland has been quietly adding recycled plastic to its outsoles production. Now going much louder with latest collaboration with Thread, a company collecting plastic from the streets of Haiti and Honduras and turns it into one of most responsible materials, Ground to Good™ fabric. Creating work opportunities, cleaning the streets off plastic and reusing it to create durable textile for fashion product. Comes in the classic boot style and textile chukkas. It's the same Timberlands just greener.

Have a look at the available styles here

Read more on Thread initiative here



Started in 2015 at the coast of Spain and now expanding to Thailand, Ecoalf project aims to clean the waste from the ocean and turn it to a responsible product, from clothes to bags to shoes. They use either knit technology from plastic yarn or a fabric made of recycled bottles to make the trainers. Ecoalf also offers flip flops made from recycled tyres in an array of colours. Ecoalf joined by Coca Cola and Will.I.Am created ECOCYLCE™ to raise interest in using recycled materials in fashion and make sustainable living cool.

Have a look at the sneakers here

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