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Lineapelle London AW2020-21

Lineapelle London took place on 9th on July, traditionally in the lovely Ham Yard Hotel.

After breakfast The trend presentation for Autumn-Winter 2020-21 started. It revolved around the E-words, each telling a chapter of the future trends in fashion. From E-thical to E-lectronic, E-motional to E-njoy to E-scape. Each chapter represented by moods and colours. With lots of moody darks highlighted by blues, greens and stunning reds.

We are still fascinated by technology but using it in more abstract and emotional way. New innovative products and ideas inspired the shapes and colourways this year.

Based on my notes from presentation I put together a mood board for AW20-21. Please explore these projects as they are fascinating and images are so beutiful!

After presentation I had a look at exhibitors stands. On the stands I founda lot of textured leathers, animal prints are still very strong, now presented perhaps in more interesting way with new shades and sparkle. Shiny materials were very visible on most of the stands. There is a lot fo new textures available, with some immitating nature and some creating completely new experience.

My absolute favourite must be the new leather alternative beLeaf, made of cours of actual leaves. Company producing it is called Nova Kaeru and there are already some shoes made out of this leaf material. It's strong and breathable, but most of all is eco-friendly and sustainable. Comes in a few colours and has an interesting organic texture. I will definitely keep my eye on it!

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