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Get into the mind of a designer and go on an artistic journey through the thought process.


Discover full projects starting with the general concept, through moods, materials and colours exploration, to the final range of designs.


Have a look at various designs of ladies and men's shoes.


Browse a selection of hand drawings, CADs and design boards of footwear from high heels to trainers.

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Bags, accessories & jewellery

Have a look at fashion accessories big and small.

Explore the CAD designs of bags, small leather goods, other accessories, hairpieces and jewellery.

Graphic design

Typography, content creation, textile design and anything in between.

See the selection of various colourful graphics and textile patterns from ditsy florals to crazy animal prints.

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Great designs end up on the shelves.

Explore the concepts that became reality. Pysical products from shoes and bags to hair accessories, jewellery and even dog accessories.

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