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In-depth research is the essential first step to the perfect design...

Be it going through the archives of V&A looking for the most iconic floral print of William Morris, spotting pattern in trends at the new season catwalks or comparing qualities of the newest technical materials. Research gives a starting point to understanding the needs of your end customer to provide them with the product they will cherish, one they've been looking for and one that will make them fall in love with your brand and its values. Because you need to understand someone to give them what they need.


The shapes, the curves, and balance of the form...

Designing is a process that starts with the first line. The initial sketches begin the merging of the core idea, customer's needs, and trend predictions into a design concept for style or the whole range of products. This design gets developed further following the mood and direction until the final look is established.

Adding colours, materials, trims, and branding brings the design to life making it an ideal representation of the final product.


Get on-brand in style...

Running out of ideas for content for your social media accounts? Need to refresh your website with new on-brand icons? Desperate for new repeat patterns for textiles or prints? That's when graphic design comes in handy with great on-brand illustration, prints and typography promoting the values of your brand.


Information cut to measure...

Technical files are a great tool to communicate with your manufacturer. It breaks into tiny details the solid created in the design phase so it can be put together into the final product. The size and shape of spec sheet can vary depending on complexity of the design. The most basic one would consist of detailed description, measurements, possible colourways, materials, trims and hardware, branding placement, and any extra details necessary to create first samples.


An image is worth a thousand words...

Sketches are a great way of communicating your product with the customer. The artistic flair of hand drawing gives a feeling of luxury product. It works great as promotional content in early stages and even when your product is only in sampling room. Let the client wait in anticipation to get the product of their dreams.

smaller projects

If you just want to test the water...

Feel free to hire me on PPH for smaller projects and sample designs. Have a look at my profile for feedback from my previous clients.

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