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The Principles of Art

A while back Dots Dash invited me and a dear friend and amazing footwear designer, Silvia Fado to work on an ultimate footwear collection for the modern woman.

From rainy London to the sunny beaches of Spain, we have embarked on a long and unpredictable journey. Keeping in mind our ideal customer, we knew it would be a very urban and yet feminine collection.

The principles of art have become the core inspiration for the collection.

We tried to capture the movement and the texture, pattern, contrast, unity and rhythm of these values that can so often be seen in art and architecture. Our colour palette emerged from the mood boards and focused on moody darks highlighted by warmer shades of red and orange. The textures were applied by using croc-embossed leathers, an absolute hit this season!

We are very proud to present to you this colour-rich, creative, and crafted collection with a contemporary take on classic silhouettes.

Follow the link to see the full range here

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