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Have you been dreaming of starting your own footwear or accessories business? With a head full of ideas, inspirational boards on your wall, drawings in your sketchbook... but still need a little help to bring your vision to life?

Are you a business owner who wants to let a breath of fresh air into your range with stunning new prints? Explore new colour options, develop beautiful placement prints or seamless patterns in sync with latest trends ?

Are you a conscious fashion enthusiast who wants to be on top of the latest news on art, entertainment, fashion trends, culture in The Big Smoke?

Get from initial idea to final product

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What others think:

Anna is great designer, easy to communicate with. I am very glad that I pick her :)

— Antoneta B., Slovakia

Anna is a star,
great communicator, patient, creative
and super helpful,
would recommend.

— Suzie T., UK

Anna did absolutely awesome within a very strict timeframe, impressed!

— Ben E., Sweden

Absolutely fantastic. Highly skilled and very attentive and fast worker- thanks Anna!

— Finch F., UK

Very experienced designer, easy to work with, plus a great commercial sense. Thank you Anna!

— Felizitas O., UK

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